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As a result of poor ratings, the show had only one season.Help us edit this article and get a chance to win a amazon Gift card.— you create a profile on the app, complete with videos and links to your social accounts, then venues or individuals can look you up, communicate with you, and hire and pay you all through Special Guest.“I wanted to create a platform that made it easier for talent to get gigs, to get paid to do what they love,” Wayans told Hello Giggles.Between 19, he was a featured performer on the Saturday Night Live before he got fired for going against the script by acting as a glitzy gay cop rather than a straight cop on a live sketch.In the 1980s he featured in the syndicated television series called Solid Good as a comedian.He produced Waynehead in 1996 and it was a carton for WB.This carton was stories about his childhood life and how he was a club foot.

Apart from five sisters, he also has four brothers to make it a family of 10.If you think of apps like Uber, Airbnb, and others, it’s tough to envision these types of apps within the Craigslist model.[Special Guest and these other apps] remove some of the risk — the Craigslist risk, if you will — of having to guess whether or not the person that shows up at your place is going to be qualified.So I’ll just give you a quick example: If you’re talent and you come into the app, we walk you through the profile setup [and one step] is to verify your identity and make sure that in fact you are who you say you are.So it’s all built in naturally to the technology…we’re using fraud-prevention tactics.

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