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ACT Prep Course In preparation for ACT testing, Huron Community Campus offers ACT Prep Courses consisting of four 3-hour sessions. Please contact Doug Pietz for further information at 353-8518 or email . To take advantage of our general studies course rate of per credit hour contact HCC at 353-8518 or email .

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Other organizations that helped make this program possible include the Huron University Foundation, Huron Community Foundation, and the United Way Heartland Region.The Huron Regional Airport is getting ready for a project required by FAA to extend our main runway to the Northwest in order to have the safety of our airfield improved.This requirement is a nationwide effort created when Congress decided that what was once allowed for the runway safety zones at the end of a runway is no longer acceptable.For more information contact Huron Community Campus at [email protected] call 605-353-8518.HCC is continuing its two-year Associates Degree in General Studies .

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