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Members can claim £300 or £150 for every day they attend the House and undertake parliamentary work.“They are expected to pay for any costs associated with attending the House such as their London accommodation and staff costs from this allowance.” The Lords should be restricted to 300 “fairly elected” members, ERS said.This curious choice would say more about the curator than the applications.Does some part of the system consider the applications' Marketplace categories -- "Social" for Grindr and "Lifestyle" for Sex Offenders Search -- so similar that it thinks users would be interested seeing connections between the categories?Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook don't make public the systems and algorithms they use to create relationships among data.Is the Android Marketplace noticing a large overlap between those who download Grindr and those who install Sex Offender Search?so you can keep your family safe."I was flabbergasted. In essence: Who did this linking, how does it work, and what harm is it doing?For those who don't know, Grindr describes itself as a "simple, fast, fun, and free way to find and meet gay, bi and curious guys for dating, socializing, and friendship." It's one of an emerging set of location-based technologies targeted at gay men looking to socialize, where "socialize" can mean a wide variety of things, including chatting, hooking up to have sex or developing a friendship.

The 33 peers also did not table a written question or sit on a committee though claimed an average £14,015 each, or £746 per vote, the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said in a new report.

“The vast majority of party-affiliated peers toe the line, while many crossbench peers simply don’t turn up.

The so-called ‘independent’ chamber is packed full of party loyalists.

But we're far from fully understanding the ethical obligations that Apple, Google and others have when their platforms act as de facto regulators of free speech.

The second question -- how was this association made -- is harder to answer.

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