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They can also track things like which actions you take.

These profiles are usually innocent and marketing-related (e.g.

They want users to return and keep using their websites, so it doesn’t really make sense to put their reputations on the line for a quick buck. However, there’s something called malvertising, and this is the real issue Cyber-attacks continue to grow in 2015, with 425,000,000 malware attacks in circulation.On the one hand, it seems that browser cache files don’t count as possession, so viewing something illegal online won’t also count as possession of that media even though a copy of that file does reside on your computer.However, illegal files can still find their way onto your system by other means.The next time you’re thinking about visiting an adult website — or any website that deals with sketchy subjects — you may want to reconsider.The most recent scam affecting online daters around the world involves the use of fake background checking websites created by criminals.

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    Some users have also reported running into scammers who only wanted to get money from them. One of the largest dating sites currently available for both Christian and Catholic singles is Big

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