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This is another game that can be played without alcohol, but drinking just makes it so much more fun.You probably have played this at work or at school in order to get to know someone. Now, this game can be a little tricky with someone who you’re only on a first or second date with.All you need is a deck of cards, some beer or equivalent, and some liquor.The rules are basically the same, however, whenever the other person gets a pair, you take a drink from your beer.Remember when you and your partner used to go on date nights?It used to be so easy -- and now it all seems like a distant memory.

[Read: Game time – 40 saucy truth or dare ideas for a really fun night] #2 Never have I ever.

So if you’re ready to have a night of fun and drinking with someone special to you, these are the games you’ll want to play. It’s really simple, and most of us have played it since we were little kids.

Just keep in mind that you’ll only want to have this kind of date night with someone who enjoys drinking just as much as you do. But now we’re going to turn it into one of the adult drinking games for two.

If you hit your date with a dose of fun whenever they’re with you, they’ll start to associate you with a really good time.

This just means that they’ll want to spend more and more time with you – which is usually the goal with dates.

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